Nirvana Gravel Relay

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  • Race Type:Gravel / Cyclocross
  • Location:Boonville, MO, USA
  • Date:June 17, 2023
  • Time:7 : 00 AM


222 Miles. But you don't have to do it all by yourself. Racers can choose the endurance experience by taking on the entire 222-mile route as a solo racer. Relay racers can choose to a two-person option with each riding two legs of the route, or the four-person option with each rider racing one of the approximately 55-mile legs. Racers on course are self-supported only. Racer support must remain on the race grounds and may offer aid and resources only while racers are on the property.

Full Description

The Nirvana Gravel Relay (NGR) is a passion project of an avid gravel cyclist and his friends and family to offer a unique cycling experience combining endurance and team racing.

Racers choose their own experience. Options include completing the entire 222-mile course as a solo rider, teaming up with a partner to each complete half, or joining a four-person team to each tackle one leg of the cloverleaf course.  Racers will start and finish each stage of the race at the race grounds, allowing support crews to enjoy vendors and entertainment while waiting for their race.

Racers, support crews, and vendors are invited to converge on the race grounds for primitive camping on June 16. Fee-based camper hookups are available nearby and require reservations.


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