Garmin Gravel Worlds – 300 Mile

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  • Race Type:Gravel / Cyclocross
  • Location:Lincoln, NE, USA
  • Date:August 25, 2023
  • Time:5 : 00 PM


Self-Supported, Grassroots Style Gravel Race

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In tradition with true grassroots-style events, you are only allowed to use what you bring with you or what you can find along the route.

The course will pass several convenience stores/gas stations and each course will have sponsored checkpoints providing water and basic supplies. 150 mile will have 2 sponsored checkpoints, and 75 and 50k will have 1 sponsored checkpoint.


  • NO Team Vehicles or Family/Friends on the course or at Check Points

  • No Domestiques

  • No Preplanned handouts from teammates

  • If you need something that can’t be found at a convenience store, BRING IT WITH YOU!

  • Check Points will provide:

    • Water

    • Some Basic Food Options

    • Some Nutrition provided by Gu, SaltStick, and JoJé

  • Plan ahead on carrying your own supplies!

Garmin Gravel Worlds Long Voyage 300

The Ultimate Challenge for the Ultimate Pirate. The Long Voyage is for those extra crazy Pirates who think 150 miles of rolling gravel seas simply isn’t enough. This is the ultimate Nebraska Grass-Roots Gravel challenge! This challenge will push the individual in body, mind, and spirit like a few challenges on earth.

Over 300 miles of constant rolling hills that will amass over 15,000 ft of elevation on the journey. 100% self-supported, the only oasis riders will find on this voyage will be from public gas stations and water stops provided by the Pirate Cycling League.


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