Garmin Gravel Worlds

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  • Race Type:Gravel / Cyclocross
  • Location:Lincoln, NE, USA
  • Date:August 26, 2023
  • Time:6 : 00 AM


Self-Supported, Grassroots Style Gravel Race

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In tradition with true grassroots style events, you are only allowed to use what you bring with you or what you can find along the route.

The course will pass several convenience store/gas stations and each course will have sponsored checkpoints which will provide water and basic supplies. 150 mile will have 2 sponsored check points, 75 and 50k will have 1 sponsored checkpoint.


  • NO Team Vehicles or Family/Friends on course or at Check Points

  • No Domestiques

  • No Preplanned handouts from teammates

  • If you need something that can’t be found at a convenience store, BRING IT WITH YOU!

  • Check Points will provide:

    • Water

    • Some Basic Food Options

    • Some Nutrition Provide by Gu, SaltStick, and JoJé

  • Plan ahead on carrying your own supplies!

Garmin Gravel Worlds 150

The 2023 Garmin Gravel Worlds promises an unparalleled challenge for the gravel enthusiast. The pirates are charting a route of approximately 150 miles and over 10,000 ft of climbing – adventuring through the rural farmlands of Southeastern Nebraska. World Championship jerseys are up for grabs in all categories.

Overall Male and Female win the title of Captain of the Gravel Seas, World Champions Jersey, and Pirate Sword Trophy.

Garmin Gravel Worlds Privateer 75

The Privateer Gravel Grinder presented by Cycle Works! Not wanting to walk the full plank? Plunderous nonetheless, our shortened course will test the mettle and give no quarter. We are plotting a (roughly) 75-mile voyage with 5,000 ft of elevation with checkpoints and high-seas refueling opportunities.

Trophies awarded to all categories.

Garmin Gravel Worlds Buccaneer 50k

The Buccaneer is a 50 km event for those that want to get their feet wet in the world of gravel. This is a non-competitive event. The 31- mile route will stay closer to the Fallbrook Neighborhood with some rollers (about 2,000 ft of elevation) and one checkpoint stop along the route.


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