45+ Mile Relay, Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K. Share a rural running adventure. Paved county roads, the Katy Trail and a mix of hardcore and hilly gravel roads. Run with a team or tackle it solo.

The Stomp’n Grounds – Rocheport, MO

Lace up your running shoes and get ready for a true Mid-Missouri running experience! Explore some of the best stretches of mixed roads that the area has to offer: paved county roads, the Katy Trail, and a mix of hardcore and hilly gravel roads. If you are looking for a rewarding challenge, then this run is for you!

Departing from the Off Track Events Headquarters on the top of the bluff in Rocheport, this run is a true combination of country experiences. All distances start with a rolling and scenic 1 mile stretch down the hill on County Hwy BB into the historic town of Rocheport. The 45+ and Marathon runners will head out on the long route through gravel roads surrounding the Davisdale Conservation area eventually meeting back up on the half marathon course outside of Rocheport. All routes longer than 10k will run through the Rocheport tunnel before an extended stretch on the Katy Trail. Expect fast times on this flat section of the course mixed with amazing views of the Missouri River, scenic bluffs, and natural beauty. Enjoy the tranquility while you can as a major hill climb awaits before the final stretch of the course leading to the finish line. Finisher medals must be earned!

Participants on the 45+ mile route have the option of participating solo or with up to 6 team members! This relay option is only available for the 45+ mile route and not the shorter distances. There will be 8 team meet up spots on the route that team members will be able to both pass the torch (team slapstick wristband) to the next member as well as be able to hang out and pass some time while waiting for the next team member to catch up. The distances between checkpoints are 3 miles to 8 miles. Pick and choose what routes members will tackle! Team checkpoints will be located in Huntsdale, Rocheport, Franklin, Boonville, and in the middle of nowhere!

At the conclusion of the run, everyone will be rewarded with music, free drinks and donuts, a finisher medal, a bonfire party, and well earned satisfaction for finishing a true Mid-Missouri country endurance run!

All participants will be chip timed so you can track your individual results and work towards your personal goals! However, it doesn’t matter if you run fast or slow, you are are all winners at this event!

Event Perks:


In tradition with true grassroots-style events, you are only allowed to use what you bring with you or what you can find along the route.

Garmin Gravel Worlds Land Ho Run Series

50k, 25k, or 10k!

Land Ho was added for our many pirate friends that prefer to explore the Gravel Seas by foot instead of by bike.

Almost 100% gravel and dirt roads, this will be an adventure like no other. Fully self-supported like our other events, runners will navigate the Nebraska gravel seas with aide stations provided by the Gravel Worlds crew.

50k (31~miles) 2,000~ Ft of Elevation

25k (~16 miles) 1,000 Ft of Elevation

10k (~6 miles) 400 Ft of Elevation

Choose between two stage race distances or build your own event by selecting your preferred distance each day. Achieve your goals at the Golden Ultra.  Whether you’re aiming for your first 13 km, vertical challenge, half marathon, or ultra-marathon, we’ve got all the options on beautiful trails right from the Town of Golden.

Hosted over 3 days, the Golden Ultra incorporates two stage races (Half Pint & Full Pint) and their component days into one big mountain trail running festival. Runners can choose between either stage race and any of the individual single-day distances.

The “Full Pint” consists of a vertical kilometer, a 60 km ultra, and a 22kms Half Marathon on the final day (Sunday). We have named this race the “Blood, Sweat, Tears”

The “Half Pint” consists of a 3km hill climb, a 30 km second day, and a nice “easy” 13 km to finish off your weekend on dirt. We call this the “Climb, Conquer, Cruise”

A three-day trail running race on the legendary singletrack of Moab, Utah!

Moab Run the Rocks lets you pick your poison so you have the best chance of achieving your goals on some of the most sought-after singletrack on the planet. Choose between two stage race lengths—The Full Pint or The Half Pint—each consisting of three stages held over three days. Or, join us for a single day on either stage 2 or 3.

For runners looking to fill their cup, The Full Pint offers a spectacular route totaling 53.6 miles (85.6km) and 4,480 ft (1,356m) of vertical gain. And for those interested in a shorter challenge that doesn’t hold back on thrilling terrain, The Half Pint delivers a route totaling 33.1 miles (53.1km) and 2,670 ft (811m) of vertical gain. No matter which length you choose, fun is sure to be had by all during this unique stage race and spring trail running festival.

Registration is limited to 400 racers.

The Full Pint
At 53.6 miles (85.6km) and 4,480 ft (1,356m) of vertical gain, The Full Pint is for those who want to experience as much of Moab’s legendary singletrack as possible in the short time you’re with us.

The Half Pint
For those that are looking for something a little less intense, we present The Half Pint. It has all the flavor without the volume, and at 33.1 miles (53.1km) and 2,670 ft (811m) of vertical gain, this challenging course highlights some of Moab’s finest singletrack.

KAILANI Rundle’s Revenge is a two-day fun-fest that includes mountain biking and trail running. No, it’s not a duathlon.  KAILANI Rundle’s Revenge is so much more than that! Where duathlons combine the two events into one day, KAILANI Rundle’s Revenge gives you a full day for each event.

If you only want to do the mountain biking on Saturday or just the trail running on Sunday, you can! There are shorter courses and longer courses, and for you competitive masochists that both bike and trail run, you can participate both days for maximum pleasure. Bring your A-game to the full donkey and you just might qualify for The Iron Donkey Award. Really… who wouldn’t want to be an Iron Donkey?

Entry Includes

  • Official KAILANI Rundle’s Revenge Souvenir Tee

  • Fully stocked food and refreshment table in the transition area

  • Well marked routes

  • Draw prizes


  • Junior Mixed Gender, Ages 12-15

  • Open Men

  • Open Women

  • 40+ Men (age 40 or older as of Race Start)

  • 40+ Women (age 40 or older as of Race Start)

  • Non-Binary

  • Adaptive

The mission of the Pacific Northwest Marathon Series is to help people overcome challenges in order to achieve their fitness goals. There is a fitness crisis in our country. People are suffering more and more from chronic disease, poor nutrition, and inactivity. We invite you to join our supportive community, fight this downward cycle, work to live the life you have always wanted, and inspire others along the way. The Pacific Northwest Marathon will help you achieve new heights, overcome personal challenges, and be more healthy. This is your journey!

The Deseret News Marathon is the longest-operating marathon in Utah. For 51 years runners have been racing down the historic pioneer route into the Salt Lake Valley and through the Days of ’47 Parade. The Deseret News races consist of a full marathon, half marathon, 10K, and 5K.

This marathon race will start you at 10,000 feet above sea level while running past pristine scenery, lakes, forest, wildlife, Eagle Point Ski Resort and end at 6,000 feet in the welcoming Beaver Valley in Beaver, Utah. Leaving you breathless. Literally!

The Wausau Marathon is an annual event offering runners the option of running a full or half marathon and marathon relay. The course treks through some of Wausau’s greatest scenery and has plenty of beautiful viewing spots. The race begins and ends at Marathon Park amidst large white pines, picnic areas, playgrounds, and more. Runners are able to enjoy food, beverages, race shirts, outstanding finisher medals, and much more.

The marathon course has been certified by USA Track & Field. This makes the 26.2 mile course distance official and enables the event to be used as a qualifier for the Boston Marathon. The Wausau Marathon sends their final results to the Boston Athletic Association office each year, thereby enabling qualified runners to register for the Boston Marathon. No finisher’s certificate, printed results, or course certification number are needed to register for qualified runners.

This course runs through the beautiful Medicine Bow National Forest. It is a scenic hilly out-and-back course beginning at 8,700 feet and dropping to 8,000 feet at the 35k turnaround. The races are on mostly dirt and gravel roads (100% for the Half and 77% for the Marathon). The weather can vary with temperatures ranging between 40-60 degrees Fahrenheit. The course closes at 4:00 pm. Note: All clothing and personal items left on the course or at the finish will be donated to charity.

The 5k course is run on a trail, weather permitting. In the event of inclement weather, the 5k will be run on the regular road.

This is considered one of the most beautiful marathons in Wyoming.