Those People.

You have completed a few triathlons and feel accomplished, it was hard getting out there and learning how to do a Tri. Sure, they are still hard, but you feel comfortable in doing a Sprint or even an Olympic. Your friends and family think you’re a superhero and you feel like one. But you’ve watched “those people” who have challenged themselves beyond shorter races, by taking on the half distance or (gulp), the ultra 140.6 distance. “Those people” are hard-core with their fancy tri-bikes, aero-helmets and top-of-the-line wetsuits and you could never be one of them.

That Voice In Your Head.

Somewhere along the way you started hearing a small voice, who whispered, “Maybe, just maybe, you COULD be one of those people”. You start to wonder if you have it in you to finish a half or even, by some miracle, an ultra 140.6 mile triathlon. Before long you are reading race reports, talking with new friends in the triathlon community about their experiences, starting to plan out months and months of training, ready to challenge yourself beyond what you used to think was possible.

Now Is Your Time.

If this is YOU, and let’s be honest, we both know it is, Michigan Titanium is the perfect venue to push your limits and become one of “those people”. You don’t need a fancy bike, the latest gear or pay rising costs of branded races. You simply need the desire and commitment to train and dedicate yourself to the goal of covering 140.6 miles and crossing the Michigan Titanium finish line and earning the right to call yourself a TITAN.

OlympusMan O3 is a one of its kind in Cyprus triathlon and one of those events every hardcore triathlete must have in his/her “bucket list”!

The course runs point-to-point, from Paphos coast, through the beautiful Diarizos valley, the vineyards region and thick coniferous forests to, finally, reach on the top of the island, the Olympus peak. OlympusMan is a long day’s challenge through some of Cyprus’s most spectacular scenery.

At the beginning of November the climate of Cyprus offers excellent conditions for such an endeavor! The Mediterranean Sea water is at a perfect 21°C temperature and crystal clear. The air temperature most likely will be at around 22-25°C on the lower sections with an expected 13-14°C on Olympus peak.

PATAGONMAN course runs point-to-point, or fjord to lake. It starts before sunrise in the Aysen Fjord, where the athletes must jump from a ferryboat into the icing cold water, to swim 3.8 kilometers toward Puerto Chacabuco where they can exit the water and find their bikes in the first transition area (T1). From there, they ride 180 kilometers into the windy, winding and hilly road of the famous Carretera Austral to Cerro Castillo, one of the most scenic postcards of Patagonia where they can leave their bikes in the second transition area (T2). From there, they run 42.2 kilometers of dirt trail and rubble road following the Ibanez River through forest, next to beautiful lakes and waterfalls all the way to the General Carrera Lake, another landmark of the region.

PATAGONMAN is an unforgettable journey through one of the most amazing natural setting of the world. The weather is 100% unpredictable but the price at the finish line is absolutely worth it. When crossing the finish line the athletes will receive not only a medal but also the biggest sense of accomplishment that a triathlete can feel.

Along the course you may expect to see: sea otter, sea lion, whale, dolphin, seal, fox, all type of cattle animals, condor, eagle, the very rare South Andean deer and even puma. This is the place where documentaries are filmed, so be sure to look around and forget about your aero position every once in a while. Mountain peaks will still have snow, while the valleys are green and the lakes are blue. Remember this is more about the journey than about the time it takes you to complete the race. This is the type of race where you find yourself like you really are. It is as much of a physical race as it is a spiritual ride.

This is a triathlon for the ones who have found their real love for the sport, for those who have endure in “full iron” or at least “half iron” distance triathlons. This is not an event for rookies, newcomers or freshmen in the sport. It will be tough and it will be beautiful but it will require self-discipline, determination, strength, courage, resilience, and an indomitable will.

At last, this race requires you to show up with a support person. You can bring more family and friends with you to join you at different parts of the race and at the finish line, but support will be just one. They will there with you and for you, so be sure you choose the right partner because you will work together as a team and that person you choose will back you up so you can reach the finish line in the best possible conditions!

The race starts in Lake Windermere, which just sounds cold. It’s the largest natural lake in England and has a maximum depth of 219 feet. There’s probably giant fish there waiting to snack on you. The swim portion is probably the most typical part of this race. The bike route is the standard distance of 112 miles and consists of two loops. However, the total elevation gain for the bike alone is a whopping 13,300 feet! The good news is that T1 and T2 are in the same place. The run route is really the most challenging, but also incredibly beautiful. It is 26 miles long, with an elevation gain of 6,059 feet! The overall elevation gain for this race is 19,291 feet. You’ll feel this the day after the race.

This race might be the toughest Ironman-distance race on the planet.  It’s the race that any hard core triathlete should do at least once.

This race is not for everyone. It’s for the determined, the persistent, the stubborn, the lucky 290 people selected every year from the thousands and thousands of hopeful applicants. But. Norseman Sustain IS for you. It’s for the communities we work with, our team, our volunteers, the people around the world who follow us and support what we do.


Held in the picturesque Bavarian town of Roth, Challenge Roth is widely regarded as one of the fastest Ironman courses in the world. The bike course is particularly flat and fast, making it a great choice for those looking to set a personal best time. With stunning views of the German countryside, Challenge Roth is also a great option for those who want to take in the sights while they race!

HimalayanXtri is a new extreme long-distance triathlon to come to Nepal in South Asia and the first in the region as part of the XTRI World Tour.

3.8km swim, 175km bike, 43km run.

4,000m highest point. 6,500m overall elevation gain.

Swim – The 3.8km swim will start at 04.00 at Lake Phewa, Pokhara. Night swim and will require wetsuits. The water will be about 20 degrees Celsius.

Bike – 175km road bike ride on asphalt. Mostly smooth surface but some rough patches. Overall elevation gain is 3,800m. T1 is at 800m altitude. The highest point is 1,740m.

Run – The 43km run is entirely off-road. T2 starts at 1,740m. The highest point is 4,000m, before a descent to the finish and overnight at a remote homestay village at 1,400m.

Only 200 spots available.

This race made our bucket list of Ironman-distance races.

Unique, historique, legendaire. Nice, France will co-host the VinFast IRONMAN World Championship. The very best female professional and age group triathletes from around the world will descend on the Côte d’Azur to conquer a 140.6-mile quest, linking an ocean swim, technical hinterland bike course, and vibrant coastal run.

Race from the Mediterranean to the Mountains in the glamourous French Riviera city of Nice. Marvel at beautiful old town architecture, and an azure coastline, and soak up the sunshine as France’s most iconic triathlon community spurs you to your Championship finish line.

Hosting the VinFast IRONMAN World Championship on new grounds will test athletes across different terrains and conditions, providing a platform for consistently brilliant performers to prove themselves undisputed champions across varied race courses, in the pinnacle display of triathlon racing.