8-Hour Adventure Race
Total: 40miles / 64km
Biking: 26miles / 42km
Trekking: 10miles / 16km
Paddling: 4miles / 7km

Eight hours of epic biking, trekking, and paddling through some of the most gorgeous scenery in Northwest Arkansas. The Ozarks is becoming one of the premier outdoor recreation locations in the country and this race showcases why with rolling mountains, awe-inspiring lakes, incredible vistas, and pristine trail systems.

This 8-hour (Lite version) race is the perfect introductory event into the sport of Adventure Racing. Maps will be pre-plotted and navigation will be accessible for all experience levels. The race will include biking (both single track and gravel), trekking, and paddling around the Bentonville, AR area. Come ready to adventure and be inspired by the beauty of the Ozarks!

Safety, Rules & Certification

At all times, teams must stay together (within 100m) and if a team member is unable to continue, the entire team will become unranked.  (Partial or combined teams may only continue at the discretion of the Race Director.)

Before and/or anytime during the race there may be a gear check to ensure all mandatory gear is being carried by each team. See Gear List at bottom of this page for requirements.

Teams will be advised of any variations and amendments to these in advance of the race.


Teams of 2-4 (any gender) can participate.  If you are looking for a team to join, try the Adventure Racing Teammate Finder or contact us for suggestions.

Race Categories

THE 12th Annual COLORADO MUD RUN…BIGDOGBRAG gives you more unique ways than any other obstacle course to experience the thrill of mud!!! You can splash, crash, run, crawl, laugh, slide, walk or do your own style of doggie dash to the finish by choosing either the 5k course with all 22 obstacles or the 2k (more fun than run) with 12 of our funnest obstacles and muddiest mud pits for the whole family.

The Goliath Gauntlet is rolling out new obstacles on our Davie campus, so bring your best game as you compete in our updated, 2.75 mile course.

NEW exciting location – Historic Haws Farms – 21923 Dersch Road, Anderson, CA 96007

The Classic 6633 Arctic Ultra isn’t just a race, it is an adventure and an expedition ending on the Arctic Ocean and experiencing some of the most extreme and most beautiful landscapes on the planet. 
Regarded by many as the toughest, coldest, windiest footrace on the planet, the 6633 will take you through the frozen landscape of the Canadian Arctic, through First Nation Hamlets meeting some of the friendliest and most generous people you could ever wish to meet. You will make friends for life on the race and return with a much deeper and more powerful understanding of yourself and what makes you tick.
The non-stop self-sufficient foot race is over a distance of either 120 miles or 380 miles, with both races crossing the line of the Arctic Circle.
The 120-mile race finishes at the First Nations Hamlet of Fort McPherson, whilst the longer 380-mile race continues to the banks of the Arctic Ocean at Tuktoyaktuk.

Fenway Park is America’s oldest ballpark, with history etched into its foundation. Red Sox fans will see the park like never before as they do burpees in the clubhouse, conquer obstacles along the Green Monster, and sprint through the finish line at home plate. Additionally, take in historic Lansdowne street and Kenmore Square in the surrounding areas of the park. Once you finish the race, there is so much more the beautiful city of Boston has to offer. Trust us — this course is wicked awesome.

All finishers receive a T-shirt, medal, and professional photos, and every registration comes with access to the Spartan Account to track your tickets, race results, photos, teams, and challenges.

Be harder to kill at the 2022 Berserker Battle OCR

When Berserker and the Phoenix crew come together you can expect nothing less than an epic course and a fantastic festival that will have you feeling like you just conquered the world and are definitely HARDER TO KILL

Are you afraid of the dark? How about being in the woods in the dark?

The third annual Sleep When You’re Dead Multi-Sport Challenge will be held overnight during the weekend of October 8-9, 2022 in Florissant, CO. This will be a 12-hour overnight race consisting of mountain biking, trekking, navigation, and special challenges. And since Halloween is around the corner, be prepared for a spooky good time finding your way through the woods. Post-race party with prizes, food, and beer immediately following the race. Plan to stay to celebrate and meet other crazy racers and teams!